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Meizitang Strong Version Real Vs Fake 2012-04-06

Since many people are eager to know how to identity meizitang real or fake., there are many people asking of how to identity meizitang real or fake.

Now will have a detailed explanation as following:

First. Appearance of packaging:

The real and fake meizitang s difference on packaging is not as much as, but you can still see the difference.

The packaging of REAL mezitang strong version is more colorful and brighter than the fake one; the fake is white some and light in color.

Maybe you say its difficult to tell by the color if you do not have both real and fake on hand.

Second.Then the next character is more easier to see:

When you screw down(tighten) the cap, the real meizitang strong verion has moderate gap between the cap and body of bottle, however the fake meizitang strong version has a big gap between.

Third. The silver paper seal

When you open the cap. You will see a layer of silver paper. The real meizitang strong versions seal silver paper has clean edge, but the fake meizitang strong version has an unfit one.

As meizitang professional supplier in China, and meizitang factory directly sale online shop, we have to stand out to tell meizitang user thats fault. Actually the fact is absolutely contrary, the real and original meizitang strong version is soybean white. The brown liquid MSV is an OEM product that someone ordered big quantity and require a factory, but NOT the orginical mezitang factory to make it. To the essential, it is a totally different product, the inside ingredients of liquid are different.

False saying 2: Claim that brown and white version are both real. White is the original and brown is and OEM product but also made by the same factory of original MSV, just make some change on appearance such as liquid color, outside box color. If you ask them which one has better effect they will tell you its original white liquid as it has the most mature technology, the brown one is also ok because they came from the same factory.

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